The new contemporary art space Blender Gallery hosts the first group exhibition from October 3rd to November 10th with the title «moments of becoming». Artists Mermiris Taxiarchis, Patsios Konstantinos, Petridou Elma and Tsakiris Antonis create a unique blend of thematics, styles and media, converging to an aesthetic that exudes intensity and innovation. Discussing the artist’s relationship with his artwork, the exhibition aims to reveal the subject’s multi-dimensional role to the creative process.

The exhibition subjects the artist’s relationship with his artwork, and hence the role of the artist during artistic creation. Its aim is to reveal the artist’s multi-dimensional role to the creative process and to highlight the transition from the moment of the artist’s embodiment with his work to the very next moment where the artist attaches meanings to his artwork, guided by his personal stimuli and the wider societal context of his times.

Kostantinos_Patsios_Le Magicien

Konstantinos Patsios, Le Magicien


Antonis Tsakiris, Doubt


Taxiarchis Mermiris, Tales

Kostantinos Patsios playfully combines cues from popular culture and pop art, Elma Petridou constructs original and interactive artworks, Taxiarchis Mermiris shares his sarcastic viewpoint towards the “Fairy tails” characters, and Antonis Tsakiris introduces us to his inspired and enigmatic “Runaways.” They compose a group of artists who balances in-between moments of becoming.

Blender Gallery is a contemporary art gallery based in Athens and dedicated to the promotion of Greek artistic creation both in Greece and abroad. Blender aspires to create an innovative and unique mosaic of arts by hosting dynamic and promising artists who work across all types of media and who have adopted quite different artistic stances.

Top image: (detail) Elma Petridou, I cried for you

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