At this moment we are writing this post a special reception takes place at the Women’s Art Library (Goldsmiths University of London) as part of Christina’s Mitrentse exhibition titled MAKE-METALIBRARY already running from 2nd. METALIBRARY is a site specific interactive floor based installation gathering together the complete MAKE magazine archive (issues 1- 92) made available to the public in the library’s special collection reading room, and emerging from Mitrentse’s ongoing Add To My Library project. Two screenings project background information from Vol.II & III archive of ATML, in dialogue with the ‘Wounded Book Sculptures’ displayed in cabinets: a selection of feminist vintage Penguin publications shot with riffle create bullet holes, have been introduced by Mitrentse as a series of appropriated, ready-mades since 2010. A selection of new large wall based colour drawings and an exclusive printed edition, extensively designed to expand the MAKE publication front covers and archive of the future, providing also a connection between the special collections reading room and the main Library, where a ‘Book-Skoob Tower’ rises to the 1st floor. The exhibition features contextual writings by Areti Leopoulou art historian, CACT curator & Dr. Christina Grammatikopoulou of InteRartive magazine, Michael Hampton Arts writer Art Monthly/Frieze and Vassiliki Tzanakou curator & writer London.


MAKE-A new special edition, colour drawing on paper, 110x90cm © Christinamitrentse 2013

Vassiliki Tzanakou writes about this interactive exhibition “In perfect harmony with the environment, the beautiful spatial intervention goes beyond spectacle as it functions as a lullaby that ‘traps’ its ‘victim’ leading it to other, parallel spaces” and continues in her review “Mitrentse’s practice is deeply influenced by the Kantian transcendental idealism which, amongst other, suggests that the substances of space and time are the result of human intuition. Based upon this philosophical approach, she creates Multiverses that go beyond what is conceived as past, present or future. Her choice to convert the complete archive of MAKE magazine to a structural element of her main floor based installation, is not exclusively aiming to pay homage to this superbly made feminist publication and to the female artistic creation. With a dialectical diathesis and with a deliberately non-didactic way, she sets her Multiverse theory as her thesis and the dominating Newtonian theory of time (where the MAKE archive represents the past, the ATML screenings the present, and the MAKE future front cover drawings the future), as her antithesis“.


MAKE-OUT Special Edition, limited edition silkscreen print on 300gsm paper, 50x70cm, edition of 20, signed and numbered by © christinamitrentse 2013. Available during the exhibition.

The MAKE-METALIBRARY exhibition ends on September 13th and it’s worth to visit and interact with this installation by browsing the volumes of MAKE.


MAKE- A NEW WOMEN’S ART LIBRARY PUBLICATION, colour drawing on paper, 110x90cm, © christinamitrentse 2013

Christina Mitrentse is a multidisciplinary London based artist, freelance curator and educator. She is known for constructing provocative narratives and poetic ensembles of idiosyncratic institutions through manifold processes of vintage book-sculpture, drawing, screen-printing, and productions of site-specific installations. Mitrentse studied MFA at Chelsea College of Art & Design, and PGCE at the University of Greenwich. She has exhibited extensively in galleries, museums and public spaces including Liverpool Biennial UK, XV Biennale de Mediterranean Thess/niki-Rome, ICA London, NDSM-werf Amsterdam, Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art, London Art Fair ,Brussels Art Fair, Dalla Rossa Gallery London, Royal Academy, The Stephen Lawrence Gallery, Mitte Barcelona, Centre of Book Arts NY, International Print Centre NY. Her work has been profiled and reviewed in major publications including Art Monthly, InteRartive, Athens Voice, Book Art magazine, Macedonia paper, Close Up, Time out London, AN magazine, Hackney Gazzete, In/flux, Frieze. Mitrentse artworks have been acquired by private & public collections including Greenwich Council, Bank Street Arts Centre, Sill Library Bath, Mol’s collection UK, Tate Archive, Penguin Collectors Society, Zabludowicz foundation, Griechische Kultustiftung Berlin, M. Altenman NY, Onassis Foundation, Benaki Museum and E.Venizelos Airport Athens. For further information please visit


MAKE COLLECTION NEW LOGO, colour drawing on paper, 100x70cm,© christinamitrentse2013

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