For four weeks between 5 – 31 August, papairlines will present the first edition of their latest project Native Products as part of Hack the Barbican, an event that will take place in the Barbican Centre.


Native Products is a project initiated by papairlines exploring notions of local production, product development and manufacture. Hacking parts of the Lakeside & Barbican Gardens new crops will be cultivated, that will be later used as raw materials along with existing garden flora, for the production of utilitarian products.

From growing the raw materials to manufacturing the final product, the project immerses participants in the narrative of product lifecycle, design, ecology and ethical production. During the last week of the project a workshop will take place for visitors to participate in the different stages of processing the raw materials and creating small utilitarian objects, grown, designed and produced in The Barbican.

Native Products aims to promote the role of design in developing an environmentally friendly consumer conscience while raising awareness on the subject of production and consumption.

About papairlines

papairlines are the first no-budget airlines founded in 2011 by Vasso Asfi, Costas Bissas and Loukas Angelou between Athens and London. Operating “design flights”, papairlines use travel as a metaphor to draw connections between aesthetics and usability, process and result, stereotype and evolution, behaviour and emotion. Papairlines experiment through designing experiences that promote lateral thinking and illustrate alternative design approaches with a series of actions including exhibitions, talks, seminars and workshops.

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