Symphony in D Minor by Chris Klapper and Patrick Gallagher, was presented from October 20th to December 2nd 2012 at 2424 studios (SKYBOX gallery) under the curation of Eileen Tognini.

‘Symphony in D Minor’ is the the result of an intensive 1 1/2 year collaboration between the two artists. A large scale series of hand made kinetic sculptures using cast resin, steel, sound and video. It is an interactive installation that creates a changing environmental experience and aleatoric music composition where the viewer becomes both musician and conductor of a thunderstorm.

Inspired by the ARCUS CLOUD, the 22 ft X 5 ft large hand cast resin sculptures form a unique instrument hanging 40 feet from the ceiling. Suspended just within reach and activated by touch, the viewer sets the symphony in motion by pushing the forms through the air to trigger the various sound elements of the storm. Sensors relay individual recordings of thunder, lightning, wind and rain with alternating intensities to a full-scale sound system. Acting both as a conductor and musician, the viewer can create an involving composition out of atmospheric sounds.

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