For 2013 Angelos Frentzos collaborated with Michael Bevilacqua in a fashion/ art project and the result is totally eye-catching and stylish rocking. Angelos Frentzos was inspired by Bevilacqua’s contemporary artwork and created this “art to wear” collection which is available for purchase from May 31st on ANTONIOLI. Images of the Project 4 have been created by Bill Georgoussis.

Bevilacqua, born in Carmel (CA) lives and works in New York City. He combines an enthusiasm for pop and goth culture with a sophisticated study of modern painting. His work is a lexicon of icons and logos, embracing among other things, music & fashion. The paintings are a visual diary of his artistic influences, recording such things as rock album covers, alternative characters and images from celebrated contemporary paintings. There is no separation between high and low culture. The works are like time capsules funneled through the sensibility of someone who grew up in Northern California during the 70ʼs and the 80ʼs.

Georgoussis, born in Melbourne (Australia) lives and works between Athens, London and Paris. He translates his personal culture and music influences into images that combine his strong point of view in fashion and art, always with his obsession of perfect lighting. Best known for his aesthetical spreads in SELF SERVICE, DAZED AND CONFUSSED, TEN MAGAZINE, VOGUE, MARIE CLAIRE and Italian AMICA. His vision is underpinned by his interest in the camera as a tool for experimentation and fascination with a process of making images. Georgoussis is a photographer with a strong cinematic view.

We have selected the following images just to get a sense of the Project 4 collection.





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