Elina Kordali is the designer of a girly and unique collection of modern and romantic clothes calling Madame Shou Shou. Personally, I’ve been watching her work, before she was made famous and I was impressed by the style of her creations and the atmosphere of her shooting photographs. The most characteristic element is the ribbon behind the back that makes her clothes so classy, day or night. Her designs are mostly a combination of a nostalgic past with a minimal future, that makes them so popular to a large group of people (no matter their age).

As far as her new summer collection is concerned, Elina Kordali created ethereal, girly clothes most of them with lace details. Their names came from greek fishes and other sea creatures. This summer collection includes dresses (most of them backless), shirts, pants, maxi skirts and ofcourse our best-seller piece the Lollipop swimsuit with the madame shou shou trademark – bow on the back.

The Lollipop swimsuit innovation has to do with its bottom part which has no seams and thats why it fits perfectly to every body type.This year it is launched in 10 new colours and many new patterns, including three one-pice swimsuits and 10 different designs.

The result is very harmonious and suitable for a chic and cheerful summer. They’re definitely my style. Enjoy them!






Madame Shou Shou has already a Facebook page and soon a website (see link above).

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