Zoumboulakis Galleries present until June 22th, 2013 the solo photo exhibition by Marina Vernicos, entitled “Sea Through”, curated by the Art Historian Anna Chatzinassiou.

The exhibition consists of a series of photographs and video-projections, depicting seascapes photographed in such a way that are completely unidentified. Her expressionistic photographs do not allow the viewer neither to guess the location where the photo was taken, nor to understand where she has supported her camera in order to choose or to exclude a particular vision angle.


Marina Vernicos, ”Sea Through” series, Honiara, Solomon Islands, 81,5×104 cm, courtesy of the photographer and Zoumboulakis Gallery

Anna Chatzinassiou mentions in her curatorial text, “Her photographs do not give the impression that they capture time; on the contrary, they are prolonging it or creating their own time.”

The photographer’s video installations will be presented exclusively on the world’s first 84 inch technology ULTRA HD TV by LG Electronics on the unique high resolution screen of 8 million pixels per frame.


Marina Vernicos, ”Sea Through” series, art-video still, Polyaigos, Greece, courtesy of the photographer and Zoumboulakis Gallery

About the artist

Marina Vernicos studied Communications and Photography at the Emerson College of Boston. She has participated in various exhibitions in Greece and abroad and she has published four photographic albums. Her second book entitled Antarctica won in 2009 the first prize by the National Geographic magazine in the category of “Nature”.

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