Being raised up under the light of sun and nearby the bright blue-colored Aegean sea Pericles & Helen have created Xylo (xylo is the greek word for wood). The duo focuses in the creation of wooden handcrafted eyewear. They handled and shaped wood in various ways, learned new techniques/ procedures and have had an “interactive education” with the wood. As they say, wood started to train and educate us in its terms and ways…

The eyewear frames collection that was created includes four models (Blaze, Fly, Wave and Sand) in 16 different wood combinations (greek walnut, american walnut, wedge, maple, rosewood, bubinga and zebra wood). The lumber and the lenses were chosen carefully in order to satisfy the criteria of the E.U. (En 1836) and the U.S.A. standards (ANSI Z80.3). Furthermore, the lenses are polarized for a relaxed use, protecting from UVA and UVB radiation, featuring an exterior scratch resistant coating and interior anti-reflect coating also, so that the inside reflections are avoided. It is worth-while to point out that the lenses are replaceable.





The people at Xylo chose not to use chemical products in the final stage of the process. They have made a mixture of white beeswax and pure olive oil to keep the frame water proof and to emphasize the natural colors of the wood by contrasting its grain and to create a smooth satin surface. Note that each pair of Xylo eyewear is accompanied by a 3ml of the mixture in an aluminum package.







From a very close look the Xylo frames have encaptured the flow of the sand in the golden beaches of the Mediterranean, the essense of the cool summer night breeze, the waves of the sea and the vividness of the pine tree wood. You can see decorative elements and ornamental patterns from Mediterranean countries as well as arabesque motifs and typography from the Arabian world.

As you can understand when two people like Pericles and Helen have managed to enclose their soul and emotions in these artifacts, the whole initiative is not only a fresh idea but also a story of success.

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