From today until 16th December 2012 you are invited to have a two-day experience full of creativity, inspiration, innovation, collaboration, meetings, conversations and fun discovering the secret creative “diamond” of the city.

Visit more than 70 creative destination, studios, ateliers, creative labs and spaces all based in the old shopping center of Thessaloniki. All visitors will have the opportunity to visit the creators’ spaces from 12.00 till 20.00 and discuss about projects/ideas or even they can place their questions to them. CREATIVE WALK is the first action of CREATIVITY FOR.TH., organised by the designers and it shows the path to a dynamic which aims to present local and independent creators coming from the city of Thessaloniki.

Participation in the CREATIVE WALK is totally free.

CREATIVE WALK step-by-step:

1. Start your walk from the INFO-POINT of CREATIVE WALK (5th Typou Street). The INFO-POINT will be open from 11.30 till 20.00 and you can obtain your map with all the important material, get information from the personnel about your options and your personal pathway you can follow or either you can study the available portfolios and projects leaflet of the creators that participate in the CREATIVE WALK.

2. From 12.00 till 20.00 visit the creative destinations you have selected. The creators will welcome the visitors in their specifically shaped spaces with short presentations of their work, communication material, programs and interactive applications that suit in the work and the style of their activity.

3. Also visit spaces that host exhibitions, concerts and special events for the two days of CREATIVE WALK.

4. Before leaving the designers space, donot forget to save your visit, through the use of QR codes, placed in the entrance of each destination giving further information about the creator you have just visited.

5. End your creative walk in one of bars of the region that collaborate with the CREATIVE WALK team. With the demonstration of the CREATIVE WALK map you get special prices and offers.

For more information you can contact: /

CREATIVE WALK is one of the actions being undertaken by CREATIVITY FOR.TH. and organised by Creativity Platform and DYNAMO project-space.

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